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NPYSL Philosophy

Childhood is a time when kids should have fun, get exercise, have fun, make new friends, have fun, learn about teamwork, have fun, learn new skills and have fun. North Pocono Youth Soccer League feels that soccer is a way to accomplish all of this. Our League is Recreational, there are no “official winners or losers”, no standings, no all-stars, no playoffs, no league or division champs, just healthy competition. All team members are required to play no less than ½ a game and Coaches are strongly encouraged to give each team member as much playing time as possible. Each time a player is on the field they participate in the game, no matter what their ability or skill level. North Pocono Youth Soccer League believes that “KIDS HAVING FUN” is what it is all about!

Who can Play?
Any child who will 4 through 18 years of age Dec 31st of the current year is eligible to play. Age Divisions consist of 2 year groups.  

Check the Age Division selection under League Info Tab above to get the details of the age group your child would be playing in.

Registration Information
Fall Season registrations can be submitted either using the Web or Mail in only.  Web registration will be available by March 1 of each year. Go to the NPYSL Registration Tab above for current year information. 

First time registrants, no matter what age, must present a copy of their Birth certificate. It should be mailed to NPYSL PO Box 108 Moscow, Pa 18444 or sent as an attachment to [email protected]. If registering for the first time by mail, a copy must be included with the registration form and fee.

The playing season for the North Pocono Youth Soccer League begins in late August/early September of each year. The season runs for 9 weeks. Games are held on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays. No team will be scheduled by the league for more than one game a weekend.

U6 Coed, U8 Coed, U10 Coed play at Golden Park in Moscow.

U6 Coed, U12 Girls and Boys, U14 Boys and Girls U16 Coed and U18 Coed play home games at Covington Park.  This group will also travel to other leagues fields for games.

Directions to the NPYSL home fields can be found at the Fields selection under the League Info Tab above.

Coaches will provide Practice schedules and locations at the beginning of the season. Team roster information can be obtained by logging in above and checking the links under your child's name. Game Schedules for U06, U08 and U10 can be found along with the Team Rosters, game schedules for U12 Coed, U12 Girls , U14 Boys, U14 Girls, U16 Coed and U18 Coed will be provided by the Coaches. 

Required Equipment 

Required Soccer Equipment includes:

  • A Uniform which is purchased from the league. This consists of a reversible shirt (Black/Red), Black shorts and red Socks. This uniform is reusable each year. Current cost is $40 and it can be purchased at scheduled Uniform Sales. Watch the Web site for dates and times.

  • All players must wear shin guards. They are available at most local stores (Wal-Mart, Comrades, Dicks etc). We suggest that you purchase the type that has a band that goes under the foot. This keeps the shin guard from turning on the ankle. Cost can range from $5 and up.

  • A ball will be required for practice. Most drills that a coach will teach require each player to have their own ball. Purchase the size that is appropriate for the age division of your child. U6, U8 -Size 3. U10, U12 -Size 4, U14, U16, U18 -Size 5. Check the Age Division selection under the League Info tab above to see where you child belongs.

There are also some exclusions.  Remember, these are excluded for the safety of the players and no exceptions will be made. Refer to SAY Rules for a full list.  These items will be checked by a Referee before the game begins.

  • Shoes must be Soccer cleats or sneakers.  Baseball, Football or General Purpose cleats are not allowed.

  • No one will be allowed to play with a hard cast of any kind. Padding it is not permitted.

  • Jewelry or piercing of any kind are not permitted.  Any jewelry or piercing must be removed or the child will not be allowed to participate, this includes earrings.  This is an insurance rule.  Please wait until the season is complete before having your child’s ears pierced.  Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are exceptions and are permitted to be worn but must be taped down.

For U10 and below:  Home Teams wear black, Visitors wear the Red.

Team Selection 
After all registrations have been received and recorded, ­the Board of NPYSL selects the teams for the upcoming season. We strive to make the teams as equal as possible to the best of our ability.

Special requests for U6, U8 and U10 are reviewed and granted if possible. A request must be made to the President of the league in writing to [email protected]. Because of additional requirements, which are listed below, some requests cannot be fulfilled. As stated on the registration form NO requests are guaranteed.

  • If special requests appear to be building a very strong team, the Board will not honor those requests.

  • Children of Coaches are placed with their parent unless requested otherwise.

In the U6 Division the board will attempt to place a like number of boys and girls on each team.

In U8 and U10 Divisions the board will attempt to place a like number of younger and older players on each team (e.g. On U8 -each team have a like number of 6 year olds and 7 year olds). In addition an attempt to place a like number of boys and girls on each team will be made.

In U12 and above the board will attempt to place a like number of younger and older players on each team (e.g. On U14 -each team have a like number of 12 year olds and 13 year olds).

This balance may be impacted by late registrations.  Please register early.

Board Members are not involved in the selection of teams in which they or relative are coaching or have a child playing. The remaining Board Members will do the team selections for that age division.

Once teams are assigned and distributed to Coaches no changes will be made. Absolutely No Exceptions.

The Game
Information about the game of soccer abounds. Look at the Rules tab under League information for Links to  NEPSAY, SAY or FIFA.  Anything you need can be found there.

Any questions  send an email to [email protected].

Have a great Season!


North Pocono Youth Soccer League

PO Box 108 
Moscow, Pennsylvania 18444

Email: [email protected]

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